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Health/Body Challenges

Pain Management
Body Image
Illness and Disease

Research has confirmed that there is a direct connection between our cognitive system (our thoughts), our emotional system and our physical system. Many doctors now fully accept this. It is no longer a surprise to doctors that if you can help people change the way they think and feel then you can also help them to change their bodies.

This is especially true for any unresolved issues that have left suppressed emotions (see expression and suppression).  We have found that many aches and pains, headaches (especially migraines), skin conditions, ulcers, vision problems... the list just goes on and on... have been released and have disappeared (sometimes only temporarily, but often permanently) when we have identified the suppressed emotional cause that still remains. 

The cause of the physical condition is often (usually) an emotion that has been suppressed rather than expressed and that has resulted in some physical manifestation such as illness, pain, disease, or other bodily ailment.

The acupuncturists have known this for many years, but our western medical paradigm has largely ignored this concept.  Now, more western doctors are coming to realise the relevance of a 'body energy system' and how acupuncture has and can help remove emotional and phsical 'blockages' to the body's natural healing abilities.

We have found that using our treatment approaches of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Sedona Method we can help clients to release even deeply-suppressed emotions quickly and easily, and frequently find that physical  ailments (even those not thought associated) disappear as well.  Often chronic pain or long-term illnesses have also released because the underlying emotional cause was addressed using either approach.

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