Are you tired of putting up with pain?

Are the symptoms of whatever illness you are facing causing you pain and emotional distress?

Is your pain causing you to give up on life?

Would you like to live pain-free?

Does this sound familiar? If you have ever felt like this, you are not alone - and there is real and lasting help in the form of either the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and/or the Sedona Method. Both approaches have shown remarkable (often staggering) ability to relieve even chronic pain within a few minutes.  They are both powerful tools for helping you to tap your ability to heal yourself of pain by getting your unwanted emotions out of your way.

Medical science now agrees that stress and suppressed emotions are a major factor contributing to many illnesses including those that cause us pain. Even though we make no claims to diagnose, treat or cure any specific ailment, since we have been using these approaches many of our clients have reported back to us decided improvements in their pain levels-sometimes even miraculous improvement.

Feel your pain dissolve on the spot.

When you feel any pain anywhere in your body, simply apply either the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or the Sedona Method and you will feel the tightness leaving your stomach, shoulders and chest, and the pain dissolving from wherever it is in your body. In its place, you will feel warmth, relaxation, happiness and, most importantly, no pain. You will no longer feel tense. Free of your emotional baggage, you will feel more confident and relaxed, even if the underlying physical condition that was causing the pain has not been fully addressed or eliminated. The noise of your mind will subside, and you will have the clarity of mind to say and do what is appropriate to get the help you need and to break the cycle of pain and suffering.

You don't have to be trapped with your pain any more.

There are three common treatments for pain: medication, surgery and hypnotherapy. There are also two others  that are highly-effective and easy to use alternative to these approaches - EFT and the Sedona Method. They can help you get better, faster results out of whatever pain treatment program you are currently considering or using. They are non-drug, non-medical alternatives for breaking free of the debilitating effects of pain in all its forms.

In the course of treatment we have often discovered that a client is experiencing pain that he/she didn't consider relevant to their emotional problem.  When using either EFT or the Sedona Method on either the emotional issue associated with the pain, or the pain sensation itself, the physical pain was often completely eliminated - sometimes temporarily and often permanently. Such is the natural healing power of your body if it is not hindered by suppressed emotions.

Let's examine the alternatives to give you relief from pain:

I. You could medicate yourself.

Many drugs are commonly prescribed to suppress the symptoms of pain. Drugs do provide temporary relief from troubling symptoms, but most have side effects. They also may cause serious interactions with drugs you might already be taking. And of course, drugs do not address the causitive emotions.

Many of the stronger drugs used in the treatment of pain can also be quite habit-forming. Some of the side effects of withdrawal from their use include the reoccurrence of all the symptoms that the medication was masking in the first place, plus many extreme reactions.

These drugs come with a very heavy price to your pocketbook, your self-esteem, your health and your well-being.

II. You can have surgery

Surgery can sometimes be effective with certain conditions that cause chronic pain. However, surgery is often an expensive and risky proposition without any real guarantee of success. Frequently also, especially in the case of surgery for back pain, relief (again without guarantee) often comes at the expense of mobility

III. You can do hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can be effective at suppressing your pain reactions. However, often hypnotherapy alone will only be masking the symptoms and the underlying cause of the pain is not addressed. Also, most people require repeated visits to a hypnotherapist before they see results, and lasting results may require constant reinforcement.

IV. Are you ready for the natural alternative - EFT

EFT with its basis in acupuncture and Einstein's Law of Relativity addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of physiological pain. Most medical practitioners now recognise the effectiveness of skill acupuncture and with EFT (see how it works here) we can show you how to tap your natural ability to let go of any unwanted feeling, including all forms of stress, anger, grief, depression and emotional trauma, on the spot. It can be used in life to get immediate relief from your emotional symptoms whenever any unwanted feelings arise. EFT also helps to easily break the patterns of thought and behavior that cause these feelings to reoccur.

If you are feeling physical pain, your body is sending you a message. Listen to it!  Then call us.

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